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By: Mike Trueman Wed, 18 Dec 2013 01:44:40 +0000 I was sponsored by Omega (Hong Kong) and wore my X33 when I summited Everest on 13 May 1999. A brilliant watch which I still proudly wear and which – thankfully – Omega still service,

By: Aron S Pettersson Tue, 24 Jan 2012 16:10:42 +0000 Since 1993 I use a wunderful watch, an OMEGA Seamaster with many fanktions, fast
all hidden. It is made of steel and a little gold und is very alike First Generation
Seamaster-Multifunktions on a picture I found in your papers.

I am sorry to say. but a have lost the MANUAL, and as dont remember all the
instructions by heart, I can not use all the funktions any more.

If you can send me a MANUAL I´ll be very HAPPY!

All the best to you!
With te kindest regards!


By: Thian Wong Wed, 30 Jun 2010 01:37:43 +0000 Great research and a classic on the X-33 literature! Thanks!
I will be buying one from a friend who bought it used from a Squadron aviator. This one is now being refurbished with newer crown clean bezel. Bracelet and casing have been cosmetically touched up too. The watch has been to Bienne twice for servicing, one for water ingress. The original pilot had used it for swimming! haha! Bienne did not replace the Gen1 crown, though the watch is a Gen2, I was told…In anycase, I am thrilled to be able to acquire this one, used in real life service.

By: Patricio Duenas Wed, 31 Mar 2010 01:36:57 +0000 Hi
If you had the option to buy either a X33 first version or a flightmaster Cal. 911, what would you choose price not being a factor

Thanks a lot