Marathon Maple Leaf SAR

Marathon maple leaf ASAR

Marathon Maple Leaf Automatic SAR (ASAR).

A new variant of the well-regarded Marathon SAR (Search and Rescue) series of watches has reached the collector market, available exclusively through retailer CountyComm.

Though a Canadian company, Marathon also produces watches for the US and Canadian militaries as well as NASA divers at the National Buoyancy Lab, where astronauts train underwater for low-gravity environments.

Although the watch has arrived in time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games currently being held in Vancouver, this particular Canadian Maple Leaf badged watch is actually not an Olympic commemorative watch.  It was actually a special run commissioned by a special branch of the Canadian military.  According to CountyComm, only 500 were produced and it’s not expected that any more will be made.

Marathon Maple Leaf ASAR auto

Marathon Maple Leaf ASAR

Like the other SAR variants, the Maple Leaf ASAR is constructed of 316L stainless steel, is rated to a water resistance of 300m, and uses the workhorse ETA 2824 automatic mechanical movement.  Hands and markers are illuminated using enclosed tritium glass capsules.

In place of the “Marathon” and “US Government” badging found on typical SARiseries watches, a Maple Leaf applique badge is applied for a subtle impression.

Link: Marathon Maple Leaf “ASAR” at CountyComm

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By Rrryan on 16 February 2010 · Posted in Military Watches

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frank says:

Doe anyone know where I can buy a Marathon Automatic watch, I would LOVE the GSAR/JSAR but I am unsure if either is automatic. I enjoyed your lively conversation about “rogue warrior watches” and would like to ask, what happened to the company? I type in and nothing happens-literally NOTHING! I wouls also like your input on the toughness of the Marathon watch. Thanks a lot1

Posted on August 10th, 2014

Rrryan says:

I’ve no idea what happened to Rogue Warrior Watches, and it sure does seem like they’ve disappeared. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought their watches were fairly shitty.

If I remember correctly both the GSAR and JSAR were available with automatic movements. Not sure what’s happened but new ones seem to be quite hard to come by at the moment. Used ones can be found at places like the PX at MWR at

Opinions about toughness of watches are often mostly subjective. I’d think any Marathon watch would be suitably tough for most consumer and professional usages, or at least as tough as any other mechanical watches on the market.

Posted on August 12th, 2014