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Chance G10 sighting on iPod Nano review in

It doesn’t even take that much of an eagle eye to observe that reviewer Dylan Tweeney sports a black G10 (aka “NATO”) type strap on his new review of the latest version of Apple’s iPod Nano. In fact, Tweeney makes it plainly obvious and even volunteers that the strap was not supplied by Apple and was his own personal choice.

It’s become a familiar refrain around vintage and military watch communities by now to cry “COOLHUNTING!” when some artifact of milwatchery presents itself thusly in the mainstream. And in fact, it begins to seem that such claims might well be well-founded when a tech from the likes of San Francisco shows up with a vintage British military styled nylon strap to equip his latest-and-greatest iPod Nano. Especially when there doesn’t seem to be any outwardly good reason for doing so.

I’m just sayin’.

Apple iPod Nano Watch G10 strap

iPod Nano photo by Jim Merithew/

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