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Military Omega X-33 on eBay

Here’s one of the military versions of the Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 presently featured on eBay:

Again, these are privately purchased direct from Omega by servicemembers themselves and are not officially issued watches.

Omega X-33 Military

Omega X-33 with custom military caseback engraving featuring Naval Aviator wings. Photo:eBay seller

Although the engraving on the back is indeed that of Naval Aviator, aviators of the Marine Corps are awarded the same wings and “Comanche 6” makes me wonder if this might in fact be the watch of a Marine aviator.

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Corvus Watch Co. Co-Founder James Cameron Convicted on Child Porn Charges

James Cameron, Co-founder of Corvus Watch Co. convicted on child porn charges. Photo: Bangor Daily News

James M. Cameron, one of the founders and the primary visionary behind the Corvus Watch Co., was convicted in federal court last month on 13 counts associated with child pornography.

Cameron founded Corvus Watch Company along with brother Tom after being fired from his job as a drug prosecutor in Maine. Cameron had previously posted under the name “camfam” in watch enthusiast forums.

All else aside, there was a lot to like about Corvus watches themselves. The Corvus “Bradley” model was itself based on a Bulova prototype made in the 1950s to compete for the same contract that was ultimately won by the now-legendary Tornek-Rayville TR-900. The Bulova design never went into production, but the Tornek Raville TR-900 is now highly sought after by collectors and examples typically trade in the low 5 figures but their rarity means this rarely even happens at all.


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Replacing the Crystal on an Omega 2179 “US ARMY”?

Al writes,

Re: 1945 US Army Omega 2179/?

Hello, I have inherited One of these watches, and will probably be sending it to Time&Gold in Vancouver for service. I think it would benefit from having the crystal replaced as the original is badly scratched up. I was wondering if You might know the size of crystal I would need? I have located a genuine Omega crystal #2191 – 30.6mm, is this one correct? Thanks or any help You can offer. – Al

Hi Al,


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How Accurate is ‘Good Enough’ for Vintage Watches?

So just how accurate should a vintage mechanical watch be?

The short answer: it depends.

The accuracy of a vintage watch is at the ultimately at mercy of its original quality and construction, and accuracy perhaps owes even more so to the quality of its upkeep over the years.

A high-quality, chronometer-grade watch that was carefully maintained and cared for over the years by skilled watchmakers could potentially approach chronometer standards still today. However, a more inexpensive design that incurred a greater degree of wear and tear in everyday situations that wasn’t as conscientiously maintained might not nearly be capable of such accuracy.


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Omega Planet Ocean 22 SAS Special Edition

SAS Special Air Service

SAS Special Air Service Badge Insignia

Here are some snaps of one of the special edition Omega SAS Planet Ocean watches made especially for Britain’s 22nd Special Air Service (SAS). Rumors of a planned Omega SAS Planet Ocean have been around as early as January 2009, but so far as I’m aware these are some of the first if not the first images that have reached the collector community.

Aside from the caseback engraving they appear to be identical to the regular production retail version of the Planet Ocean.

And once again, the overwhelming majority of the modern “military” Omegas like this are/were purchased out of pocket with private funds by the Troopers themselves and should not be termed “issued.” They are still quite exclusive as they are (usually) only available to the unit that commissions a special caseback design.


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Chance G10 sighting on iPod Nano review in

It doesn’t even take that much of an eagle eye to observe that reviewer Dylan Tweeney sports a black G10 (aka “NATO”) type strap on his new review of the latest version of Apple’s iPod Nano. In fact, Tweeney makes it plainly obvious and even volunteers that the strap was not supplied by Apple and was his own personal choice.

It’s become a familiar refrain around vintage and military watch communities by now to cry “COOLHUNTING!” when some artifact of milwatchery presents itself thusly in the mainstream. And in fact, it begins to seem that such claims might well be well-founded when a tech from the likes of San Francisco shows up with a vintage British military styled nylon strap to equip his latest-and-greatest iPod Nano. Especially when there doesn’t seem to be any outwardly good reason for doing so.

I’m just sayin’.

Apple iPod Nano Watch G10 strap

iPod Nano photo by Jim Merithew/

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WWII Vintage Military Gruen Watch Ads

As much as I gripe about modern makers flogging supposed military connections of their watches that frequently have little if any basis in fact, it’s easy to forget that the phenomenon is not exclusive to the modern era.

Heck, for that matter the entire evolution from pocket to wrist watches was borne out of soldiers’ preference for the convenience of watches worn on the wrist during WWI that subsequently became popular in the civilian market, so it only makes sense I guess.

The Cincinati, Ohio-based Gruen Watch Company was an importer of partially finished Swiss-made movements that became especially famous for its “Veri-Thin” and “Curvex” models. And although Gruen never made any official military issue watches over the course of its lifetime of which I’m aware, they sure weren’t afraid to let that stand in the way of using military themes in their war-era advertising.

gruen watch co military ad 1940s

Gruen ad from the 1940s recommending selections for members of the various military services


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Marathon Maple Leaf SAR

Marathon maple leaf ASAR

Marathon Maple Leaf Automatic SAR (ASAR).

A new variant of the well-regarded Marathon SAR (Search and Rescue) series of watches has reached the collector market, available exclusively through retailer CountyComm.

Though a Canadian company, Marathon also produces watches for the US and Canadian militaries as well as NASA divers at the National Buoyancy Lab, where astronauts train underwater for low-gravity environments.

Although the watch has arrived in time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games currently being held in Vancouver, this particular Canadian Maple Leaf badged watch is actually not an Olympic commemorative watch. It was actually a special run commissioned by a special branch of the Canadian military. According to CountyComm, only 500 were produced and it’s not expected that any more will be made.


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