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Special Boat Service (SBS) Omega Seamaster GMT Limited Edition

Special Boat Service (SBS) Badge Insignia

Special Boat Service (SBS) Badge Insignia

Back in spring 2007 rumors began circulating of a supposed edition of the blue-dialed Omega Seamaster GMT 300 Co-Axial (ref. 2535.80.00) specially made for members of Britain’s elite Special Boat Service (SBS), a specialized contingent of the UK’s Royal Marine Commandos and a rough equivalent of the US Navy’s SeALs.

Shortly thereafter an article appeared in the watch-centric British QP Magazine (April 2007, Issue 24) attesting to the same. For more than a year and a half afterward essentially nothing was heard until just recently when some pictures and new information finally emerged.

Omega SBS Seamaster GMT

Omega SBS Seamaster GMT SE. Dial appears identical to production GMT 300M Co-Axial

Omega SBS Seamaster GMT caseback

Custom imprinted caseback design featuring SBS insignia with 'By Strength and Guile" motto. Images used with permission from WUS member 148mac. Serial numbers blurred for security, privacy, andanti-counterfeiting reasons.

Omega Seamaster Professional 300M GMT

The SBS Special Edition Seamaster GMT is in essence almost identical to the regular production Omega Seamaster Pro GMT model with a few minor variances. In the same fashion as many modern Speedmaster limited edition commemorative models, the inner side of the sapphire display back is emblazoned with the SBS unit logo. According to early sources the watches were also to be engraved with the “zap number” of the owner, presumably the unique number to identify the individual should he become a casualty without identifying name for morale and security purposes, much like the the “roster number” system adopted as a matter of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) by most US Army and US Marine Corps units. However, current descriptions seem to indicate the watch numbers are issued on a serial basis with no connection to the owner.

1970s Rolex SBS Submariner 5517. Photo: James Dowling

1970s Rolex SBS Submariner 5517. Photo: James Dowling

Some initial detractors complained that the idea was a transparent Omega publicity stunt intended to capitalize on the publicity afforded by the James Bond connection and the DVD release of “Casino Royale” but following reports seem to discredit the notion. According to sources owing to Omega’s existing popularity among SBS and military members it was actually SBS members who approached Omega about the idea, not vice versa. There were also unconfirmed rumors that both the SBS and SAS had previously approached Rolex about making a special edition in the spirit of the earlier vintage “Milsub” 5517 and others but Rolex had declined. The SAS also had a special edition watch produced by Breitling.

Other critics pointed to the idea that the elite commando unit by reputation does not advertise membership openly; others have pointed out that unlike the SAS Breitling, when worn the SBS Seamaster GMT is indistinguishable from a regular production model.

Reportedly quantity will be limited to 500 with most (or all) of the series already spoken for but delivery as yet not 100% complete. Sale is restricted to “badged” SBS-qualified members alone, and not even affiliated suport personnel are eligible. It was also reported that the “Bond”-style skeleton hands were so strongly disliked by SBS members that after many requests a local AD was converting the hands to match the highly luminous sword-type hands used on the Seamaster 2254.50.00 diver and similar models for a minimal fee.

Only a single example has been offered by Omega for public sale, the watch featuring serial number — you guessed it — # 007. It sold at a charity auction for a tidy sum reportedly north of £19,000, approximately US$37,430 at the time! Like the X-33s sold to military aviators under the Military Purchase Program, the SBS Seamaster is shipped in regular retail boxes and packaging indistinguishable from civilian models. My original personal speculation at the time was that these were likely keepsakes intended for garrison and off-duty wear, but several other sources have pointed to the longstanding popularity of the blue Seamaster models within the British military. In fact, the Seamaster is so effectively omnipresent that it’s been frequently said that they might as well be issued.

There’s no definitive answer yet as to value of the unique edition. At present these are mostly still held by the original owners with but a bare few having reached the collector market so far. It is probably unlikely that these will reach the value of the vaunted vintage military SBS-issue 5517 Rolex Submariners, but of course it’s to be expected that they will fetch a considerable premium over regular production models in years to come.

Incidentally, I do know of at least one example that is presently for sale though at a hefty figure; interested parties are invited to contact me for more info.

UPDATE: Since posting this entry I’ve been in contact with someone with direct knowledge of the watches’ use within the unit who was able to clarify some details:

  • My earlier suspicion seems to have been correct that these are mostly for off-duty and garrison wear and are not worn during operations or training exercises
  • Members were indeed able to select the s/n# matching their zap number when ordering
  • Total production quantity was actually 501: serial numbers range from 000-500, with s/n# 000 reportedly kept in a museum (perhaps the Omega Museum in Bienne?)
  • The rumors that the SBS had been previously rebuffed by Rolex have been called into question

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  1. Perpetuelle says

    Just reading through your archives….excellent reporting on the SM SBS!

    Kyle S.

  2. Anonymous says

    Super report! I am glad to see a SE military Omega again.

    James Bond

  3. Tom says

    First time I have come across this special edition or the SAS Seamaster in one of your other posts, found this and the other post very interesting, thanks. I’m always looking around for that ‘special’ watch to add to the collection (or nice to have list!)


  4. Marcus Lau says

    Great article. Makes me real proud to own the civilian model (2535.80) version with the sapphire glass caseback. Any news on whether if Omega is discontinuing this particular model or not? It would be a shame if they did as this is their best GMT/Diving watch yet.

    • Antony says

      Hi There,
      Are you still looking for a SBS Omega?

  5. Steve says

    was wondering if the watch for sale for the ‘hefty figure’ is still available? collecting watches and this seems like a must have for an enthusiast such as myself. price dependent ofcourse.

    • Billy Betts says

      I have a brand new one for sale. I’ve never worn it since I bought it. I spent a career in the RM/ SBS and have both this one and the Elliot Brown. I will never sell the EB. We are not allowed to. However I do want to generate some money so I would sell the Omega to the highest bidder.

      • Martin murray says

        How much are you looking for ?

      • Billy Betts says

        Very difficult to say. Recently a film star offered £35,000 for one. I missed that opportunity. I’ve seen lads sell them for as little as £5000 when hard up for cash. Collectors are buying them for between £15-20,000. I’m hanging on to mine as my Zap number is the same as the watches number. For example 125 of 500. If someone offered me a silly amount for it, but at present I’m holding on to it.

      • William Betts says

        Over the years I have put my Royal Marine and SBS watch collection into a presentation case. The case is a 1980s RM RN issued suitcase. When the catches are opened, the case auto opens and auto illuminates. Inside are all of the watches I had during my career. The Elliot Brown is not for sale. Also in the case are other artifacts from my carrier, the lid is lined with a silk emergency escape map of Afganistán from 2001, a Commando dagger, prismatic compass, SBS and RM badges and flashes, SC3, Sniper, SF Para wings etc.

        Watches include CWC x2, Pulsar, Breitling Emergency, SBS Omega GMT (never worn) G Shock, Garmin Tactix, Santo S6, Elliott Brown Nato issue version and many others. Not sure if my personal Rolex Submariner will be included or not.

        The watches are mounted in tubular RM SBS stable belts, and look amazing. Although this collection looks fantastic and is the only one in the world, we need the money for ongoing family health issues and British private health care is very expensive.
        A well known auction house has quoted us that a collector would pay north of £25,000 for this collection. We will reluctantly sell this later this year.

        If anyone wants further information email me at [email protected]. pictures will not be released until time of auction so don’t ask.

        PS there’s plenty of ‘Walts’ out there pretending to be something they are not. I am not one of them.

      • Oliver Ross says

        Hi Billy,

        Is this still available thank you ?


  6. Deborah says

    What would be an accurate estimate for such a watch?

  7. Jbluepeace says

    Hi Tom, I have the Omega Seamaster SBS GMT, bought it at a auction in one of the consignment stores here, Im ready to part with it. Mine is in great condition over all, it shows some marks on the bezel and few normal surface scuffs in some areas. The wear is not too significant in fact when just looking at it normally it looks like its still new, I rarely wear it of course. If your interested you can reply back at [email protected].

    • Oliver Ross says

      Hi, do you still have this Watch available.


  8. Bournemouthlynn says

    Sadly I had 023/500 of this watch stolen, if anyone stumbles upon it on their travels please get in touch

  9. Alan bishop says

    I know this is an old post, but I am wondering if anyone knows what (if any) watches were presented to SBS members between 1950 and 1959. My father was a member and he said the only watch he ever got was a Seiko 5 he smuggled out from Aden! on the extreme off chance there is a 90+ year old ex SBS member he was called ‘Taffy’

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