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SBS Omega GMT SE Spotted on eBay

I suppose it was just a matter of time, but an example of the UK Special Boat Service (SBS) Omega Seamaster Professional GMT Co-Axial has landed on eBay:

(Seller’s photos)

[imagebrowser id=2]

Several readers have already contacted me regarding the listing, and yes, I’m fairly convinced both the seller and the watch are completely genuine. If it were a scam after all it’s managed to fool QP Magazine as well and has been some two years in the making, well beyond the attention span of most eBay fraudsters. I have no other connection with the sale or seller however and am not positioned to verify any specific claims.

It will be interesting to see how the auction finishes. Valuation of these is nearly impossible as only a single, notable example (#007) auctioned for a charitable cause has previously been presented for sale. So forgive me for pointing out that which is probably very obvious, but if pressed to make an estimation I’d expect to finish somewhere well above MSRP for the regular production but likely well below the stated reserve of £15,000.00, which I’m afraid is quite optimistic especially in the present economy.

That said, it is a very rare and notable piece and it’s far from unusual for strange things to happen in auctions…

What will also be interesting to see is whether other SBS owners are encouraged enough by the results to put additional pieces up for sale on the open market. This sale could well create and define the market for these.

[UPDATE: The auction listing closed at GBP 3,600.00 (approximately US $5,108.40 at today’s exchange rate) with the reserve not being met. Seems my prediction of value in the current market may have been pretty close to the mark.]

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