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Warning: Possible X-33 eBay Scam!

eBay seller “jannek1940” in Sweden presently has an X-33 listed on ebay (item # 120376517974) described as Omega X-33 Moonwatch 2nd gen.” and “Omega moonwatch!”

Jannek1940 eBay listing for "X-33 Moonwatch!"

Jannek1940 eBay listing for "X-33 Moonwatch!"


Aside from a very problematic description (the X-33 has been only slightly closer to the moon than I have!) and a conspicuously brief description of the actual condition of an expensive watch presented for auction, there is at least one other glaring problem: most of the photos appear to have been lifted from my Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 article:


Most of the X-33 photos in the listing seem to have been lifted directly from the X-33 article.

Most of the X-33 photos in the listing seem to have been lifted directly from the X-33 article.


Potential bidders should beware that the pictures shown almost certainly do not accurately depict the condition of any watch that might actually even be for sale.  They’re not even a terribly up-to-date depiction of the condition of my X-33. Even most of the description text has been shamelessly stolen from the Watch Report description of the X-33. Given these, one has to wonder if he even has the watch!

Jannek1940 unfortunately had the sense to host the images so I can’t pull a Chuck Maddox-style Kung Fu Switcheroo, though.  Which is almost too bad, as I’m typically not as kind as Chuck and would love a chance to be creative.

Look after your money, folks — don’t bid on this one.

[UPDATE: heard back from the seller through eBay. His response: “i do hav the watch, what i didnt have when i listed the watch was a good camera to take pics with. Sorry for that and i will remove the pics immediately. Regards/ Janne.” And yet, more than a day later the listing is still up…]

[UPDATE 2: The auction closed at GBP 1,331.00 (approximately US $1,906.52).  Apparently my photos are more valuable than I’d realized.  Let’s hope the winning bidder at least gets a watch that migth almost approximate the photos, as there’s no telling what (if anything) the seller might actually be offering.]

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