Omega Military Purchase Program is Still Active

Omega military pilot X-33 Speedmaster Professional

Omega military pilot X-33 Speedmaster Professional

I was recently able to confirm that the Omega Military Purchase Program for the Speedmaster X-33 remains active.  After months of wondering if the program had perhaps been canceled, thanks to a helpful contributor I finally managed to get some updated info about Omega’s military purchase program and was able to personally confirm the details.  The program was apparently briefly suspended while it was reviewed and overhauled, and production is expected to resume in as little as two weeks.

Omega asked me not to publish pricing data as it still hadn’t been finalized, but it seems that the prices will rise substantially over figures that were previously published on the web.  Although unfortunate for potential buyers, pricing under the program had not changed since the X-33 was introduced in 1998 and an increase was perhaps overdue.  The pricing remains a substantial discount over the former retail price, and is still less than that of comparable military purchase programs from Breitling etc.

Some notes:

Also, I still recommend that buyers under the program spring for the the titanium bracelet even if they intend to wear it on a strap.  The Ti bracelet alone retails for about $1000 by itself (yes, really) if buyers decide they want it later, and having it adds substantially to resale value once the obligatory period is over.


My info is several years old now and I have no idea if it is still relevant or if the program is still active. Last time I got the info though by calling Swatch Group USA’s 800-number, it just took a few tries before I got to someone who knew about the program and could direct me to someone helpful. Ask for the special sales department and just be polite and persistent. :)


It’s now been more than six years since this was first published and I NO LONGER HAVE UP TO DATE INFORMATION or even know if the program remains active. Call SWATCH GROUP Swatch Group USA at (201) 271-1400. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAM.

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By Rrryan on 13 November 2009 · Posted in Military Watches, Omega Watches, X-33

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Dave Thomas says:

Great piece of information. Would you mind sending me more info on the program as well? Thanks and have a great day!

Posted on March 1st, 2016

Dave says:

Posted on March 1st, 2016

Herwig says:

Hi Dave,

Do you have Informations about the Program. I´m also very interested in this. I´m serving with the Austrian Air Force.

Posted on June 3rd, 2016

Marcus Wray says:

Hi Rrryan,
Would love it if you could pass on the info, I currently with the Australian Air Force so would be interested if this has legs down here. Any way my work address is

Cheers buddy

Posted on March 14th, 2016