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Welcome to my new Blog!

I’ve resisted the idea for a long time, but I’ve finally decided to establish a blog dedicated to one of my hobbies, collecting watches.

Although I learned much of what I know through various discussion forums around the intertubes, for various reasons I no longer frequent forums like I used to. But periodically either through the forums or my website I’ll get an inquiry, and while I’m usually glad to answer I wanted to be able to share the responses with a wider audience.

Enter the blog. The goals for right now are not too ambitious, and will likely center around publishing and sharing short little comments and responses to inquiries. I still prefer an article format for my writings though as they allow for greater depth and detail. At present I do not intend to commit to a rigourous timed publication cycle, so updates may be intermittent.

But then again, most of my writings about watches started out pretty unambitiously too, so we’ll see how it goes. ;)


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