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Omega Military Purchase Program is Still Active

Omega military pilot X-33 Speedmaster Professional

Omega military pilot X-33 Speedmaster Professional

I was recently able to confirm that the Omega Military Purchase Program for the Speedmaster X-33 remains active.  After months of wondering if the program had perhaps been canceled, thanks to a helpful contributor I finally managed to get some updated info about Omega’s military purchase program and was able to personally confirm the details.  The program was apparently briefly suspended while it was reviewed and overhauled, and production is expected to resume in as little as two weeks.

Omega asked me not to publish pricing data as it still hadn’t been finalized, but it seems that the prices will rise substantially over figures that were previously published on the web.  Although unfortunate for potential buyers, pricing under the program had not changed since the X-33 was introduced in 1998 and an increase was perhaps overdue.  The pricing remains a substantial discount over the former retail price, and is still less than that of comparable military purchase programs from Breitling etc.

Some notes:

  • Since each X-33 is made to order with a custom caseback, there is still an expected 3-6 month lead time.
  • At this time only the X-33 is available under the program.
  • The program (or this version at least) is conducted through Swatch Group USA and is only available to members serving in the US Armed Forces.  Those serving in the military forces of other countries should contact Omega directly to see if their national distributor offers a similar program.
  • I do have the contact information, but to ensure that I only give the information to authorized parties I still require a .mil email address.  And it’s just as well that I do, as Omega now requires the same.  Funny how that works sometimes. :)

Also, I still recommend that buyers under the program spring for the the titanium bracelet even if they intend to wear it on a strap.  The Ti bracelet alone retails for about $1000 by itself (yes, really) if buyers decide they want it later, and having it adds substantially to resale value once the obligatory period is over.


My info is several years old now and I have no idea if it is still relevant or if the program is still active. Last time I got the info though by calling Swatch Group USA’s 800-number, it just took a few tries before I got to someone who knew about the program and could direct me to someone helpful. Ask for the special sales department and just be polite and persistent. :)


It’s now been more than six years since this was first published and I NO LONGER HAVE UP TO DATE INFORMATION or even know if the program remains active. Call SWATCH GROUP Swatch Group USA at (201) 271-1400. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAM.

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  1. Daniel says

    Great info on the program our squadron is very much interested in ordering the x-33.
    Can you please send the contact info at Swatch Group USA for the Omega Military program to [email protected].

    • Rrryan says

      Hi Daniel,

      Responses sent to the address you gave just bounce back. Please use the “contact” button above and respond with an updated .mil email address.

      • jon s says

        I am looking for the contact info. My @navy address is reply line below if you don’ t get it I can post in a response. I would appreciate it if you would send me the contact info.
        Thank you

      • Reginald Lane says

        please send the info to my email enclosed

  2. Daniel says

    Thanks a lot for the info Ryan, it’s very much appreciated.
    The watch will be a graduation present from our parents. :)
    Happy holidays to you!

  3. Jay says

    Ryan, I contacted you about 5 months ago concerning this program. Any chance you can send me your new info? If you send me your email to Jay at I’ll send you my address. Thanks for the help!

    Jay F from Germany

  4. CPT Andrew Sabata says


    I am currently serving in Iraq and was hoping you could send me the updated information on the military purchase program. Thanks a lot and great site!

    Andy from Baghdad

  5. Dan says

    Very interested. Please email me. I will give you my mil. address once you contact me. I obviously don’t want to post my mil. account here for reasons of OpSec. Thanks!

  6. Dan says

    Apparently it’s no OpSec. issue, so, I’ve added my military email in the line below (“Email.”). I look forward to hearing about this wonderful program and getting to play with this wonderful piece (so to speak).


    • Rrryan says

      Guys, I get many requests and to make it easier on me I ask qualified parties interested Omega military sales program to use the contact form to email me and supply a .mil email address.

  7. Dan says

    I spoke with the rep. the other day. She said the new watch will cost more (about 1400-1600) but will be a totally new movement. NASA apparently doesn’t even have the watch. They’re taking orders in March, but watches won’t be available till August :(

  8. Jay says

    Any update on these watches? I got one email from the lady back in February saying the program was starting back up in March, but then nothing. Anyone having any luck getting in contact with them?

  9. Martin Weaver says

    I’m looking at this program for my unit. Any way you can send me the information?



  10. Travis says

    Ryan, stumbled across your site. I too would appreciate the Omega contact information.

    Thanks, Travis

  11. Karl says

    Thank you for the article. Please send me the contact information when you get a chance.

  12. Martin Weaver says

    I would appreciate the information for this program. I have about 20 guys in my battalion interested in the program and would like to get the order in pretty soon. Send email to [email protected]

  13. Cliff Blumenberg says

    Ryan, Please forward information to “Blumenberg, Clifford A. CDR” . I am a flight surgeon and naval aviator attached to the helicopter squadrons at NAS Mayport in Jacksonville, FL. I am interested in organizing a Omega X33 purchase for our squadron. Thanks, Cliff.

  14. Cliff Blumenberg says

    The above email deleted the email address for some reason. Please email info to:

    [email protected].

  15. Deon McGowan says

    Could you please pass along the information. Our squadron is very interested in the watch program. If anyone is interested in guns, we purchased Kimber’s last year. I can supply you with the POC at Kimber.
    [email protected]

  16. Fred says

    I’m also interested in doing a unit purchase if you wouldn’t mind sending the info out to me. Thanks! [email protected]

  17. Sean Wolterman says


    I too am interested in organizing a 33 purchase for my squadron. Can you please send contact information to [email protected]. Much appreciated.

  18. Ryan says

    I am very interested, as I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. Could you please send the info to [email protected]?

    Thank you


  19. Erik Thors says

    I am interested in setting up a squadron purchase. Could you please send the info to [email protected] ?
    Thank you,

  20. Wesley Schaffer says

    Could you please e-mail me the purchase information for this program. I am very interested and currently deployed. Thanks in advance…

    [email protected]

  21. john bailey says

    I am also interested in the program. My email is [email protected]. Thanks in advance for your efforts.

  22. Rocky says

    looking for further info, but don’t want my request published online – any way i can contact you by email directly? i am happy to provide a address that way, and never use posts. thanks!

  23. Karl says

    I’m trying to put together a buy for this, but haven’t heard back from Omega yet. I have sent them a few e-mails through the contact us part of their website. Anyway I can get the info I need from you? I would really appreicate it. Thanks in advance! My two military e-mails are listed below.

    [email protected] or [email protected]

  24. Scott says

    I’d like to have the contact info for omega. Thanks

    [email protected]

  25. Justin Gates says

    Would you mind sending the information for purchasing the X-33 my way? Thanks.

    [email protected]

  26. Mat Luoto says

    Please send the contact info for Omega. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  27. Andrew S. says

    please send contact info for Omega. Thanks. Andrew

  28. Joshua Mills says

    Please send the contact information for Omega. Thank you very much!

  29. Dustin says

    I’ve sent a few emails to Omega with no luck. Can you send the contact information to my included address? Thanks.

    • Rrryan says

      I’ve no idea the information I have is still current. I’ve had the best luck by calling Swatch Group USA at (201) 271-1400 and being polite and persistent. It’s a small niche program that’s apart from regular sales channels and if you’re unlucky you might have to call a few times before you get routed to the right office.

  30. Won Lim says

    hi thank you for sharing this great information. Could I get more info on how to order this military purchase program.

    Thank you

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