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Graham SAS Chronofighter Oversize Titanium: Good Lord.

Who Dares Wins winged sword of damocles insignia of the British SAS.

"Who Dares Wins" winged sword of damocles insignia of the British SAS.

The names and insignia of military units and organizations are usually considered government property, and as such are typically regarded as being in the public domain in most modern nations. makes it easy for companies like Graham to piggyback on the honor of some organizations.

And why not? Luminox pretty much made a name for itself with an implied “Navy SEALs” association which was pretty tenuous at best. Graham has upped the ante by adding a camouflage dial and the “Who Dares Wins” emblem of the UK’s Special Air Service (SAS), and slapping a price tag on it that some sellers claim is as high as $12,800, as much as a small car.

And with the namesakes SAS heavily involved in conflicts in places like Afghanistan these days, one would like to think that Graham could at least donate a portion of that $12,800 to a military charity in the UK or such. Yet their website seems to make no mention of any such charitable intention though it might seem like an obvious place to make mention of such when they take pains to point out their racing sponsorships. They’re content to simply borrow the name and insignia for free. Honor, it seems, is cheap these days.

Graham SAS Chronofighter Oversize Titanium. Egads.

Graham SAS Chronofighter Oversize Titanium. Egads.

And as Ariel is typically quite good at finding and accentuating the positive in his reviews, you know something might be up when he quips in his detailed review at,

The crown has a pusher built in to it, which is depressed by the trigger. The top pusher is the reset button for the chronograph, but you knew that because it says so on the watch.

Like Ariel, I find the design decisions that went into creating this watch like the camouflage dial to be puzzling to say the least. I will agree however that one clever design element is the inclusion of the date aperture inside the 8 o’clock marker, a decision that doesn’t disrupt the visual symmetry (if there were any remaining at least) and still leaves room for a luminous marker. Of course, in order for this to even be possible the dial needs to be fairly outsized to begin with, so it’s perhaps a mixed blessing.

I would ordinarily be impresed by the integrating of the chrono pusher/winding crown design that harkens back to early vintage chrono movements as well. It might be a clever retro-curiosity in other circumstances, but when it’s wedded to that garish trigger design the cleverness is all but muted and it too comes as a very mixed blessing.

In addition to all the other design contradictions, there is one other glaring problem: the storied and secretive SAS guards its security fiercely; members take pains to avoid being photographed and are not even allowed to acknowledge membership in the unit. Wearing a great big honking watch with the SAS emblem featured prominently on the dial would seem somewhat at odds with these requirements. It’s thus quite likely that no SAS Trooper will ever wear one of the things. Even the custom-made Omegas known to have been purchased by SAS-affiliated units feature the logos only on the back.

The 5-figure pricing starts to seem especially outrageous when you consider that the motor inside is the pedestrian workhorse Valhoux 7750 with the hour counter subdial unused. It’s the same movement, of course, that appears in $400 chronos as well.

The Graham SAS Chronofighter Oversize Titanium comes in a limited edition of only 300 pieces too, so you’d better hurry.

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  1. JD says


  2. Lt. C Tanner 22nd SAS says

    This is Lt. Charles GRAHAM-tanner 22nd SAS ; i consulted on the construction of this watch…if u want the inside scoop on the extended military options and abilities I could help you out significantly in selling this to military operators and collectors…and more. Mine was stolen in Kandahar as I rotated out……I’ll give you inside info on the inside electrical responses and uses for a good deal on another. Military detonists and specialist will boost and buy like you have never sold before.

  3. P Buddery says

    Alas, I find this watch ridiculous. Likewise the original chronofighter. For that sort of money I could buy a 7750 with date and day in a waterproof case, an old datejust or two, and I could spend the remainder of the money on an ancient and decrepit 4×4 that I could bang these watches on.

    I doubt that the SAS wears these garish Graham monsters, even in its jokes.

    How practical is this watch? Can it be banged on rocks underwater? Does that silly operating lever snag on shirt cuffs? Does the operating lever get snagged on branches?

    The only thing this embarrassing watch seems good for is to start conversations with the sorts of people I don’t want to talk to. Wankers.

  4. Al Reid says

    Blokes a clown. The only watches the SAS approve are the ones they commission and they are for only those that have served in the unit. LT Col Tanner is a Walter mitty.

  5. I C Dedpeople says

    You are a bullshitting wanker. How dare you tarnish this Regiment, for all who HAVE served in it and DIED in it. You disrespectful shit.

  6. A.(Real) Bootneck says

    LT Tanner!!!!!? You screaming Walter Mitty turbo shithouse toppers elsan neggers blue juice.

  7. Robbie says

    This looks like one of those crap adverts in Viz. Pure comedy gold. I’ll forego the SAS one, and wait for the RN Office machinery maintainers one. As for Charles ‘chuck’ Tanner. Where do you get off? You’re all over the net as a plastic wannabe. I love the way that an organisation that prides itself on being Low Key is so well represented by you, telling anyone who will listen about your latest exploits. Do you even know where Kandahar is? Bed wetter…..

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