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Even if one can forgive the spelling misstep, anyone considering selling a watch or buying a watch from take note: the bulk of that site’s content has been shamelessly stolen from Stephane Medam of  As such, it’s very doubtful that this person(s) actually has any of the watches pictured in his possession – DO NOT SEND THEM YOUR MONEY!

According to the Vintages Watches [sic] website, the proprietor is one Shaun Coulthard, but a WHOIS database search contains multiple mentions of the name “Richard A. Sarazen” and, omniously, a Registration Services Provider that lists its website at — meaning that the domain is operating in Russia:

Details for

Details for

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Stephane Medam at a get-together a few years ago, and I know him to be a likable gentleman who is very passionate about watches and vintage Rolex watches especially.  It’s really a shame that someone would impersonate him like this; I hope his reputation isn’t sullied by this scammer.

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  1. r says

    same guy. vintages-watches, thomas-watches, bergen, and so on….