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Watch Books: Zero Hour by William Schorr

Collectors new to military watches often ask for good books on the subject, and sadly there are relatively few. Among the most commonly recommended for those new to military watches is The Concise Guide to Military Timepieces 1880-1990 by Ziggy Wesolowski. Though concise as its title states, it provides an excellent overview of military watches from a variety of eras and some excellent photos.

Zero Hour by William Schorr. An experienced military watch collector himself, Schorr compiled photos and information about a vast number of both well-known and hard-to-find watches from a variety of sources (I was even able to make a small contribution). Though more of a photo compillation than informational reference, it contains brief informative descriptions as well.

For ordering information, see the publisher website at Blurb:

A Photographic Ref…
By William Schorr

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